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My foreskin feels abnormal

It is a bit difficult to explain this. But is it unusual to have no signs of puberty now? I don't feel that my voice has changed and the penis is still small without much hair. The foreskin cannot be pulled back over the head of the penis and I feel abnormal.

Is it normal not to have reached puberty now, or have I already done it but not gotten visible results?

Regarding the penis. I hear people say that a tight foreskin is normal, but I wouldn't say mine is tight. I'd say it's more or less closed.

When the penis is erect, I can barely move the skin covering the glans, and the head of the penis does not show in any way. I can just see the shape of it under the skin.

Hope I can get an answer.

Greetings Scared, Stressed, Desperate 14-year-old

Dear scared, stressed and desperate 14-year-old.

We all reach puberty at different ages, and boys are often a little later than girls. The fact that you have not changed your voice and that your penis is small is still completely normal for your age. Some are early, and others are late. It can be difficult when "everyone else" has started to hit puberty, while it takes a long time for you yourself.

In boys, puberty is considered delayed if there are no signs of puberty when you are 14.5 years old. If you have started to grow hair around your penis, puberty has started. But if there are no further signs of puberty when you approach 15, it might be good to have this checked by your doctor. With a simple examination, the doctor can see if the testicles have started to grow, and if the doctor finds that puberty is delayed, you can be referred to a specialist to consider treatment that initiates puberty.

As for what you describe with a tight foreskin, this is a common phenomenon for boys. Before puberty, the foreskin is tight in 7% of boys, but this corrects itself in the vast majority, so that only 1% of 17-year-olds have a tight foreskin even if they have not received treatment. If you experience pain or inflammation due to a tight foreskin, it may be good to have a doctor look at this. Tight foreskin can in most cases be treated with a cortisone cream so that the opening becomes larger.

It can be a little uncomfortable to ask for help for this, but doctors are well aware of such things. Talk to one of your guardians and let them help you book an appointment with your doctor. If you find it difficult to talk to someone at home about this, you can also talk to the health nurse at the school who can help you get an appointment with the doctor.

Wishing you all the very best

Sincerely, GuttogJente.no

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