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Mates who have had oral sex

Hello! We are two Christian mates and good friends and we are 15 years old. We have had oral sex or sucked each other as it is also called! Is this a sin??

Hello and thank you for the question
We in “GuttogJente.no” base our guidance on classical Christian ethics and what is written in the Bible. Sex is a precious gift from God, but sex is also something very personal and the Bible is very clear that this gift only belongs in a lifelong marriage between a man and a woman who have married each other. God did not intend for us to have sexual actions with people of the same sex as ourselves or to have sex with people to whom we are not married.
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When the Bible says something is a sin, it is because it harms ourselves or other people. Sexual acts with someone other than a person we are married to go so deep into our personality that it can harm us (Proverbs 6.32). This applies to all forms of sexual intercourse between people who are not married to each other. Oral sex between two people who are not married is a sin, regardless of the gender of the people.
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The good news is that Jesus has died for all sins, including sexual sins. When we come to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, he can and will forgive what we have done. When Jesus met a woman about to be stoned for sexual sin, he stopped those who wanted to stone her and reminded them that none of them were without sin. When the woman turned to Jesus, he forgave her. Jesus said that he did not condemn her, she should go away and sin no more (John 8.11). Likewise, God always gives us a second chance when we ask for forgiveness after doing something that is opposite to His will. Our responsibility is to ask for forgiveness and take seriously what he says to us.
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Sincerely, GuttogJente.no

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