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Blood donor

I’m thinking of giving blood, but I wanted to know what the Bible says about it? I’m thinking of the verse: ‘The soul is in the blood.’
Is it a good idea according to the Bible to give blood, in order to save lives?


It’s great that you want to donate blood, and in so doing help others who need it. But you have found some verses in the Bible that mention the link between soul and blood. We can’t find the exact wording you quote, but in the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible there is a link mentioned between life and blood, in connection with animals and with people.

In Leviticus 17:14 we read that they should not eat blood, as ‘the life of every creature is its blood’.

Our understanding is that the wording in the Bible connecting the life of a creature to its blood does not mean that blood is private and shouldn’t be shared. Blood is of the utmost importance for life. Saving lives and having compassion for other people are two important principles which find their roots in the Bible. This is an important argument for Christians to think about when contemplating giving blood.


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