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Breast growth

Hi, I’m almost eighteen, and had my first period last year, after two to three years of having an eating disorder. After I had my first period my hips and thighs started to develop a bit, but my boobs are very small (just about 70a), I’m 173 cm tall and of normal weight. I’m wondering if my eating disorder can have damaged the growth of my breasts, or if they’ll develop more. My mum says that they will develop more even though I’m eighteen, as my growth was delayed because of the eating disorder. My sister and mother have normal breasts. Can this have damaged their growth?

Hi and thanks for your question!

An eating disorder can delay but not destroy breast development. The breasts are fully developed when the rest of the body is fully developed, and they grow and change shape throughout puberty. You may still be in puberty, as it was delayed because of the eating disorder. The only way to enlarge your breasts in a natural way after puberty is to gain weight. Taking medicines, exercising or using creams will not help.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and it isn’t certain that you will have the same size of breasts as your mother and sister. The most important thing you can do is to accept your body as it is, and learn to like your breasts and the rest of your body.

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Remember: you’re great just as you are!


Best wishes

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