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Can I share a bed with my girlfriend?

Is it OK to share a bed when I stay overnight with my girlfriend?


Thanks for a relevant question.

Our bodies are created to get aroused when we lie in bed with someone of the opposite sex, and this arousal is a very strong feeling. It’s easy to underestimate how difficult it will be to avoid sex if you sleep in the same bed as your girlfriend. If you have decided to wait until you are married to have sex, we would strongly advise you to make wise and well thought through choices, and to set boundaries that will help you in this decision. Deciding not to spend the night with your girlfriend at all would substantially increase your chances of success. Something else to consider is that if you stay overnight with each other, it appears as if you are having sex, even if you aren’t. If you spend the night with your girlfriend it may be hard for the rest of your friends to believe that you are not having sex. Perhaps you want to be a role model in this area?


Good luck!

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