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Caught smoking

This week I was caught smoking by someone I know. She says I have to tell my parents that I smoke, but I don’t know what to say.


We understand it wasn’t much fun to be caught, or to be told that you have to tell your parents. At the same time, remember that it’s almost never a good idea for parents and children to keep things hidden from each other. Parents will often find out sooner or later, and telling them yourself would build trust. If they found out any other way you might lose their trust.

If you do choose to tell your parents, then it’s best to tell them directly, there aren’t many other ways to tell them. It may be good (both for you and for your parents) if you tell them why you hid it from them, and what you plan to do from now on. Tell them if you are planning to keep on smoking, or if there is any way they can help you to stop. It would be a good idea to say that you are sorry for not daring to tell them earlier, if you mean it.

You should be prepared for them to react strongly, and they might discipline you somehow. If you feel that their reaction is unfair, we recommend you to give them some time to think about things before you talk to them about it in a relaxed way later. If you do this, there’s a good chance that the conversation you have will strengthen your relationship instead of weakening it.


Good luck!

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