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Christian boy of 14 with homosexual feelings

Hi, I’m a boy of 14, soon 15, and there are some things I’m wondering about to do with homosexuality. I think of myself as a Christian, and I’m active in Christian circles. I’ve got a girlfriend my own age, who I really love. (We’re actually more like best friends.) However, for quite some time I seem to have ‘developed’ homosexual feelings, and I dream about doing things with other boys. (I’m quite sure that I’m homosexual.) I’m not sure what to do about this, my parents are definitely against homosexuality. My friends aren’t so bothered. (No one knows about what I think I am.) I would like to know what the Bible says abput this. I’m a very active Christian, involved in Christian circles, and I’ve got good Christian friends. This has been a burden for me for quite a while, so I’m hoping I can get an answer! Boy of almost 15.

Hi boy of almost 15,

Thanks for your question. It’s good that you write to us about what you’re feeling.

You ask us what the Bible says about what you describe, and the answer is that the Bible doesn’t say anything directly about having homosexual feelings. It is possible to have feelings and desires without living according to them, in reality.

The Bible is very clear that God created us as man and woman, and marriage between a man and a woman is the only sexual relationship blessed by God. The Bible is also clear that sex is a good gift to people, but only within the framework of marriage. The Bible doesn’t allow sex between anyone else apart from a man and a woman who are married to each other. The Bible says several times that sex between people of the same gender is not God’s will.

Some people have been attracted to the same gender as long as they can remember, while others say that they first experienced these feelings when they entered puberty, about the time when they became teenagers. There are also people who have feelings like this in their teenage years, but not later on in life.

It’s not certain that you are homosexual even though you have homosexual feelings at this time. It’s probably too early to say whether you will have feelings like this as an adult. However, if you still feel burdened by it, we would advise you to talk to an adult who you trust, for example a pastor, priest or counsellor.

It’s hard to give you the help you need with an answer on this website. When you go through tough times it often helps a lot to talk to someone.

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Best wishes, boyandgirl.info


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