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Depressed after my mum died

Hi, I’m in a depression after my mum died. Am I having delusions?


It seems like a part of your question is missing, but we can still try to answer it. Losing someone you love can be a terrible burden to bear. It may be difficult to believe that you can live a normal life afterwards. On top of that, it’s quite normal to feel very alone when you’re grieving. Grief is a psychological reaction in which you might feel sad, afraid and a sense of loss. This makes it very hard to manage alone. Have you got someone you can talk to about your grief? We would recommend you to talk to someone about it, perhaps someone in your family, friends, a school nurse or even a teacher at school.

With regards to depression and delusional thoughts, unfortunately we can’t answer you as part of your question was missing. In order to find out if you are depressed you need to visit your doctor: your school nurse can help you arrange this. It would then be up to the doctor to decide if you should be referred to a psychologist or other specialist. An expert would help you to tackle the grief, look to the future and help you to find good strategies to move ahead in life. If situations where you feel totally alone or depressed crop up, and if you are afraid of having delusions and need someone to talk to, then it may be a good idea to call a helpline. These are available 24/7 in most countries and you should be able to find the number on the internet.


Best wishes

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