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Eighteen years old and can’t have an orgasm

Hi! I’m a desperate eighteen-year-old girl, and I’m struggling to masturbate! I’ve never done it properly; no matter how much I try it doesn’t feel good. :-( I’ve tried different ways, and now that I’ve got a steady boyfriend it would be nice to have an orgasm sometimes. Have you got any tips? Or am I just not able to?


There are lots of things that contribute to having an orgasm. It’s a combination of the physical and the emotional, and also the way partners relate to each other. In order to find out how they can have an orgasm, young women generally have to explore their bodies and perhaps also know a bit more about how the body functions. It isn’t necessary to masturbate in order to have an orgasm and a good sex life with your partner.

We are first and foremost a website offering advice on questions about the body, emotions, sex and dating from a Christian perspective. This means we offer advice on ethics and on how to make the right choices, but we don’t offer practical advice about techniques and how to stimulate oneself or others sexually.

We believe that sex is the glue that makes two people unite into one unit, and binds them together in spirit, soul and body. We believe that our sex life is therefore only to be enjoyed within the framework of marriage.

You can search our website for more advice on masturbation, and read the other answers we’ve given.


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