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Four questions about the period

Hi, I’ve got some questions I’d like to ask you!

1. What can help during period pains?

2. Is it normal to feel that you are bleeding during the period?

3. How can I tell my mum that I want to try a tampon instead of just panty liners?

4. Is it unusual to use a tampon when you are thirteen?

Hi, and thanks for your questions!

1. It can help to move around a bit when you have period pains. If it is very painful it may be good to relax and place something warm on your stomach. Some people have such pain that some days they need to take painkillers so they can go to school and live a normal life. You can ask your mother, the school nurse or a chemist which non-prescription painkillers you can try and which dose you should take.

2. People experience different feelings in their bodies when they have their period. Some have a rumbling tummy, others have pain in their lower backs, others get diarrhoea, some feel numb in the abdomen, and others may feel what you describe. This is totally normal.

3. The easiest thing to do is simply tell your mother that you’d like to use tampons instead of panty liners. One way to do this is to ask her if she could buy tampons for you. Or you could ask her, ‘Mum, have you any idea which size of tampons I should get? I want to try using them.’ If you feel it is too hard to say this directly to her, you can write it in a text message, or on a piece of paper. ‘Mum, could you buy tampons for me?’

4. It's totally fine and quite normal for a thirteen-year-old to use tampons.


You can read more about this in the article ‘What is the period?’


Best wishes

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