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From two shy people

I’m really in love with a girl, she also likes me but we’re both quite shy.
We would like to do something together but we’re not sure if it should be only us two or with friends. We don’t know what activity we should do either!
What should I do?


During the teenage years, feelings can be quite unstable and feelings of being in love can come and go at this time. When you are in love you can hardly think of anything else and just want to be with the person you have a crush on. Sometimes the feelings pass before you know it, but sometimes they last a bit longer. It may be a good idea to spend time together as friends, also spend time together with other friends so you can find out if this is just a short-lived crush or if this is a girl you would like to be with in the long term. You don't mention your age, but it is often the case that the person you have a crush on as a teenager, isn't the same kind of person as you would choose when you are older. Think about whether it is important for you to date now, or if it is enough to be good friends. Good friendships usually last longer than romantic relationships, and then you could find out if you want to be more than simply good friends for each other.

Good luck!

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