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Getting back together with my ex

I’m a girl of seventeen who (together with my boyfriend) decided to split up a few months ago. I regret the decision now, as I’m starting to like him more now and don’t quite understand why we broke up. I’ve talked to him and he agrees. How can I know if we are suitable for each other or not?


Thanks for your question. It’s always difficult to finish a relationship, and it seems as if you both miss each other. Even though you say that you don’t really know why you stopped the relationship, it may be a good idea to think about what the situation was like when you broke up. It might have been something trivial, but there may also have been more important reasons for your breakup. It is wise to think through this before you perhaps get together again.

You ask how you can know whether you are suitable for each other or not. It’s difficult for us to offer solid advice about this when we don’t know more about you. However, we do have quite a few articles about this topic on our website, and we recommend you to read the following:

How can a couple know if they are a good match?Soulmates / Looking for Mr Right / Are you in love with the right person?Sixty things to talk about with your partner

It would be a good idea to read these articles together if you are seriously thinking about getting together again. They will help you to start some good conversations about the relationship you had and why it stopped, and at the same time what expectations you have towards each other in a new relationship, if you decide to go further.


Best wishes

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