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Getting to know my body

How can I get to know myself and my body without it being sin? I’m wondering about things like who I like and who I’m attracted to and stuff like that.

Hi, and thanks for your question,

Touching and exploring your body is not wrong or sinful. Your body is wonderfully made by God, and the sexual organs and your sexuality are also created by God. Looking at your body, studying it, looking at yourself in the mirror, and touching the different body parts, including the sexual organs, is not wrong or sinful.

When it comes to having a sex life, it’s there to be explored and enjoyed in the context of a lifelong marriage between a man and a woman.

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When it comes to the kind of sexual stimulation you like, and what needs to be done to reach orgasm, a lot of people wait until they are married before exploring this. Then they have their whole lives together to explore how their bodies react, how to reach orgasm, and what their partner likes. They can also read about sexuality and how the male and female body functions.

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Some people choose to masturbate in order to explore their body, and to find out what feels good, so that they are ready to have a sex life. However, it isn’t necessary to masturbate in order to have a good sex life with a marriage partner later on. A lot of people also masturbate to satisfy themselves, to release their lust and to have an active sexuality without having a partner. Masturbation is a kind of selfish sexuality, where a person has sex with themselves. However, sexuality is created by God to be shared with a marriage partner. It isn’t about you, it is a tool God created to unite two people who have promised to be faithful to each other their whole life, and also to create new life. It’s great to explore sexuality with a marriage partner, to have a sex life together and to explore each other’s bodies so that each will get the most out of it.

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Although it’s totally normal for teenagers to explore their bodies, and find out how their sex organs work, masturbation can become a habit that can dominate areas of our lives.

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Usually finding out who you’re attracted to just happens naturally. A lot of people are attracted to each other and fall in love when they are still very young, while other people neither fall in love nor are attracted to others until they’re well into adulthood. It’s not a good idea to just try to explore and find out who you like, as it’s possible to be attracted to someone who isn’t good for you. It is a bad idea to let your feelings decide who you will date.

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