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Girl of seventeen with no breasts

Hi, I'm a girl of seventeen, and I don’t have breasts! I really don’t have any! This is extremely embarrassing for me!
Is there any way to get bigger boobs? Any tips? Will it help if I massage them? I don’t want to use silicon!


You don’t mention how far you are into puberty. If you haven’t yet got any hair around your vagina or any other sign of puberty, then you can talk to your doctor about this. But if you have already reached puberty then it isn’t abnormal to have small breasts.

You should try to like and enjoy the boobs you have regardless how small they are. Girls have boobs of all shapes and sizes, and there isn’t much you can do to change their shape or their size. The breasts grow throughout puberty and are usually not fully developed until the age of eighteen; so there is still time for them to grow and develop.

The breasts are made up of both glandular and fatty tissue, so massaging or exercising will not help them to grow. However, there are chest muscles under the fatty tissue, and you might be able to change their appearance (but not their size) slightly by training these muscles. The breasts may also increase slightly if you put on weight.

Remember: it’s your personality and charisma that make you appealing and attractive. Guys like girls who are self-confident and proud of their bodies just as they are.


Best wishes

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