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How can I improve my reputation?

How can I improve my reputation, from being the one everyone sees as the drunk to being a good guy? :-)


It is sad to hear that you have gained such a reputation! It's not okay and it's certainly not a reputation you should have. It seems that you at least want to live in such a way that you get a different and good reputation.

We don't know anything about your background, but it might be that you have had a different relationship with alcohol before than you have now? If that's the case, it might be a good idea to stay away from alcohol for a while. Then it will be more visible to friends and people around you that you live differently to what you have done before. If friends of yours also have the same impression of you as the rumor, it might be a good idea to talk to them  about why they have those thoughts and what you think about it. It can often be wise and nice to talk about how we feel and in this case it applies to your reputation.

You want others to view you as a good guy. That's a great goal! We believe that if you are a good person, people will eventually notice and then the reputation will also change. If you drink alcohol, it would be wise to think about the amount of alcohol. It may also be an idea to abstain from alcohol at a young age and rather consider a moderation stance when you are older.

We are rooting for you and all who want to be good boys (and girls)!!


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