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I have a desire to see naked women

Hi, I’m a guy of 16. I’ve never had a girlfriend or been involved with any girls. I’m very curious about women and girls, and would like to see one naked, not just in pictures. I’ve spied on my mum to see her naked. I’m very embarrassed that I did that, but at the same time it was nice to see her naked. I know that it is wrong, but can’t stop thinking that it was also nice in some way.

Hi guy of 16,

It’s very natural for a boy of 16 to be interested in girls, and to be curious about nakedness. The hormones that the body produces when you reach puberty awaken sexual feelings; this is in preparation for adulthood and for finding a partner to start a family with.

God has created us to have sexual feelings. The Bible states clearly that sex is a wonderful gift from God, but also that this gift is only for a man and a woman who love each other and who are married to each other.

When you’re a teenage boy and your sexual feelings come to life, it can be tempting to look at naked women. This is why some people look at porn and fantasize about sex. However, Jesus said that we must not make room for thoughts like these (Matthew 5:28). That’s why we must avoid looking at naked people or porn: it can awaken fantasies that are bad for us.

God has created our bodies, and He has made them beautiful. It’s not so strange that you as a guy think that a naked woman is nice to look at. But we advise you not to look at naked women until you have found the woman you will share your life with, and are married. 

Sometimes it can be hard to wait for things that you really want, but those who wait for something good will not wait in vain.

Remember, the sexuality God has created you with is a gift that you should protect and later on you will share it with the woman who you marry. 

Best wishes,


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