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I Want to stop thinking dirty thoughts

Hi, I am a girl about to start in ninth grade after summer. Sometimes I have fantasies about sex, and naked boys. It all started about two years ago, and I want to to stop thinking dirty thoughts, but how do I do it?

Hi girl in 9th grade. 

Fantasizing and having daydreams is all part of being a young person growing up and so are your sexual feelings and thoughts. It was God who created us with those kinds of feelings and He does not want you to feel ashamed of them. In adolescence, these feelings, fantasies and thoughts can take a lot of your time. If a lot on social media online websites, or watch movies with sexual content, it will affect the shape your thoughts and fantasies take. The more you see and read with that stuff, the more it will influence and affect your thoughts. By regulating what you read, see and what angle it has, you will be able take control more easily of what you think and fantasize about. 

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It's nice that you want to control your thoughts. There are several thought techniques that 

are good at hindering unwanted ones. When they come, for example: 

A: Take the "remote control" and switch channels. Think ahead what kind of "program" you should have on the channel you switch to and start to "see/think" about it. 

B: Put your thoughts on a cloud and let them sail away. Let new thoughts sail in instead. Think ahead of this what kind of thoughts you’re going to go on and think of that will replace the other ones, so you don't have to wait for some new idea to come along. 

C: Think of alternative things. What else can you think about? Tell yourself some good arguments for why you should think about them, - as if you was you advising one of your girlfriends. 

Feel free to read as well: Et gutteliv fylt av fristelser (Norwegian) - it's the same principles for girls as well as boys.

Sincerely, BoyandGirl.info


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