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Is it wrong?

Is it completely wrong to think that several girls are pretty and could imagine having sex with them?

Hi and thank you for the question!

We don't know much about you or how old you are, but we can generally say that it is natural to think that many girls are pretty. When you hit puberty, many new feelings arise, and for most boys, this means that they suddenly become interested in girls and that they find many girls pretty.

The hormones the body produces when you reach puberty also make boys and girls look at each other differently than before. A boy can suddenly see a girl he thinks is pretty and looking at her can arouse many sexual feelings. This is perfectly normal and a natural part of becoming an adult. God has created us this way, so we want to find a lover with whom we can marry and start a family. Sexual emotions are a natural part of this.

Therefore, it is not wrong for a boy to feel he would like to have sex with a girl he thinks is pretty. But that does not mean it’s wise to cultivate these feelings and fantasize about sex with all the pretty girls you see. When you feel the emotions rushing through your body, you can thank God for creating you with these emotions. But you can also remind yourself that sexuality is something very valuable that we shouldn't share with just anyone. According to the Bible, sex is something so holy and good that we should only share it with one person, namely the person we have married and committed to for the rest of our lives.

Luther once said something like we can't stop the birds from flying over our heads, but we can stop them from building nests in our hair. This is also true with the sexual feelings God has given us. Sexual thoughts and feelings will come and go, but we should not be a slave to them. It is not good for us to have sex with someone outside of marriage, which God has decided should be the safe framework for the relationship between man and woman. Because even if our feelings tell us that we want sex here and now, it is better for us to save this good gift for the person we marry and commit ourselves to live together "for better, for worse, until death do us part.”

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Warm regards GuttogJente.no

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