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Is it wrong to get an erect penis?

Hello. I’m ‘Boy 19’ and I have some questions. My girlfriend and I are both Christians, and we have decided to wait to have sex. Often if my penis gets hard, I find some semen in my boxer briefs. It happens even when we are not doing anything sexual, it might happen when we kiss or while watching a movie. Is this in any sense wrong?
Grateful for answer.

Dear Boy 19 years old.

It’s great that you have decided to wait with sex.

What you’re experiencing is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Boys find that their penis becomes erect both voluntarily and involuntarily, at night when they are asleep and during the day in various situations. This can be because they are thinking or dreaming about sexual things, but it can also be completely spontaneous and unrelated to any thoughts or events. Many people also experience that they get the tip of their penis wet or that a little semen leaks out when they get horny. When you're with your girlfriend, it doesn't take much for your body to react. It can be a touch, a kiss, a thought and then your body reacts. It's completely normal and there's nothing wrong with it.

Kind regards BoyandGirl.info

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