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Is sexy dancing OK?

Does the Bible say it’s wrong to dance sensually with other guys?


It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that dancing is sin, in fact quite the opposite – we can often read that ‘they sang and danced’. However, it does say that there are different kinds of dancing: dancing to God’s glory, dancing to idols, and dancing that leads to lustful thoughts (Psalm 149:3; Exodus 32:19; Matthew 14:6–10).

Some types of dancing are more sensual than others, for example where the partners have a lot of body contact and the dance moves make you think about sex. Dancing with someone in a sensual way can quickly lead to lust, arousal and jealousy, if not for yourself, at least for the person you are dancing with or for onlookers. The Bible encourages us to keep away from things that will lead us into temptation or to sin (2 Timothy 2:22). Even though dancing is not wrong in itself, you have to think carefully about how intimately you can dance with someone other than a marriage partner.


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