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I’ve fallen in love but still miss my ex

Hi, I’ve got a real problem. My ex boyfriend and I broke up just over four months ago. After that I started a new job, and now I’ve fallen in love again.

I think the new guy likes me too, but nothing came of it as at the time I felt it wasn’t right, as I was still thinking of my ex boyfriend. Now the guy I’m in love with has met someone else, but I’m still in love with him. We’re good friends (I work with him), and we’ve tried to find partners for each other. He even set up a date for me with one of his friends.

His friend liked me a lot from the very first day, and I think he’s sweet but the chemistry just isn’t there. He talks a lot about the fact that he wants to have sex with me, but I want to wait as I don’t know him that well yet. Should I ask him out again, or is it a bad idea if he’s just thinking about one thing? I’m not sure, but it seems that way.

I’ve made an album of when me and my ex boyfriend were together, which I want to give him. What should I do if he wants to get back together, should I tell him there’s someone else I’m interested in? I think about him sometimes. I’m sure I’d fall in love with him again if he wanted to start all over again.

From a girl who doesn’t know what she should do.


It seems that your emotions are a little confused now.

We can’t tell you who you should choose or what you should do. Since there are several guys you’re interested in right now, but you can’t choose which one to date, it would be a good idea to give it a lot of thought before you act. You will end up really confused if you simply follow your feelings all the time, and you might choose someone you actually don’t want.

It’s a bad idea to have sex with someone you think is sweet, but who you don’t really know. Think about what the purpose of giving your ex an album is, if you don’t really want him back. Perhaps the best idea would be to pull back a little from the world of romance, and use your energy to find out what you really want to do. It’s not a good idea to have several guys on the go at the same time; make sure you are finished with the former one before starting a new relationship. Right now it seems like you are still thinking of and dreaming about your ex boyfriend. It’s a bad idea to replace your ex with another guy before you’ve got the old relationship out of your system. That means you need to go through some grief, and put it behind you before you start a new relationship. Otherwise the new relationship can simply be a replacement and a comfort for what you’ve lost. If this is the case, it might not last.

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Best wishes


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