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Limits of flirting

I wonder where the limits of flirting go? When can you flirt and how do you know for sure that you are being flirted with? What characterizes flirtation? I also think that it is perhaps different between two Christians and two non-believers. We are both Christians.


Flirting is a broad term, and we can include many different things in it. Flirting and checking are not the same thing, but can go hand in hand. Flirting is about being noticed and is used to achieve contact with the person you like and want to get to know, others may use it just as a tantalizing game. If you flirt to check someone up for the evening, it is something different than flirting to show that you like that person more than just a friend. Flirting can be anything from a glance, eye contact, smile, challenging smile, random touches, winking, compliments, teasing, tossing hair, giggling, laughing, fiddling with hair, jewelry & clothes, biting the lip, and anything else that can lead to attention. You can also flirt via the internet and mobile, and then it's about the way you use words and symbols.

Where the boundaries of flirting go is not so easy to say. Many of the mannerisms in light flirting are part of normal pleasant contact with people, but at the same time, they are used when flirting, and they can also be taken too far so that they can be perceived as too ongoing and approachable. 

You should have some guidelines for yourself so that you do not play with other people's feelings, i.e., give hope without there being anything in it. Some people can put on a flirtatious demeanor to make it seem like they're interested, even if they're not. If someone thinks you are interested in them when you are not, you should consider the way you approach that person and whether you have given any false signals.

It can often be difficult to know if someone is being flirted with or if the person in question is just extra nice. If you are in love with someone, you can easily interpret normal pleasantness as flirting. As a general rule, you should also not flirt with others when you have a girlfriend or are married because it can feel hurtful and can create insecurity and jealousy.

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