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My father is often angry

My father is often angry, works a lot and rolls his eyes when I say something at home. What can I do?


There can be many reasons why your father is angry, works a lot, and rolls his eyes when you say something at home.

Maybe you can ask him when he doesn't seem tired or has just come home from work if you can chat for a bit. Then you can tell him how you feel when he works so much. Maybe you can ask him why he works so much and maybe he will tell you about what he likes about his job? Then the conversation does not primarily become an accusation, but you get to say what you feel and at the same time show interest. In the same way, you can tell him how you feel when he gets angry and when he rolls his eyes, and ask if there is anything you can do to make him less angry and that you would have appreciated if he rolled his eyes less.

If you find it difficult to talk to him directly, perhaps you can tell your mother or another adult who knows both of you, and perhaps this person can talk to your father on your behalf, or perhaps be present while you are talking to your father?

Without knowing more than what you wrote about your father, we can say that there are many fathers who work a lot. For some, this may be about enjoying their job very much, for some it may be that they need to work a lot to get enough money for their family, and for some it may also be difficult to be a good dad at home, while at work they feel that they get a lot of good feedback and master their tasks. If you don't spend much time together, and if your father is very tired, it can be easy for him to roll his eyes because he doesn't understand you. Therefore, it might be nice to see if you can find some time to do something together, so that he can get to know you better and more easily find time to hear what's on your mind.

Kind regards, BoyandGirl.info

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