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Need for physical contact

I am a Christian and feel a need for physical contact of the opposite sex, is this wrong?

Hello and thank you for your question.

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It is certainly not wrong to feel the need for physical closeness. We are born with a basic need for physical touch, and infants who don't get it get sick and can even sometimes die. We carry this need with us throughout our lives because good physical touch gives us a feeling that we mean something to someone. As humans, we need close relationships and love, and most people also long for a partner to share their life with. One can live a good and meaningful life without having a partner and being sexually active, but everyone needs close relationships that provide hugs and loving touches that show that we matter to them.

When you say that you feel a need for physical contact with the opposite sex, it is God-given and completely natural. What you do with this need can be right or wrong. It is important to deal with these feelings in a good way so that you do not treat someone in a way that gives false hopes and disappointments. Boys and girls can communicate differently, which can create misunderstandings. It can be perceived as flirting if you are physically close to each other, holding hands, sitting on your lap, and embracing each other. You must also be aware that you are sometimes vulnerable and need more closeness than usual. Getting a hug from a good friend will then be of great comfort, but if the hugs are allowed to develop into close embraces, one can quickly trigger strong desires in the body that were not intended for that situation. Setting limits for physical closeness with friends and lovers is about protecting your emotional life.

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There are strong feelings in us to want physical closeness and touch, and today it has become common to find an outlet for these needs through kissing and caressing with friends and those with whom we want to have a relationship. Such physical closeness ignites the body sexually, and good feelings are created in the body, which can easily be mistaken for love. If you satisfy your need for physical contact in this way, you may risk developing feelings for someone you are incompatible with and should not be in a relationship with.

We base our counseling on biblical principles and believe that a lifelong marriage between a man and a woman is the only arena for living out sexual longings. As Christians, we do not believe it is right for you to use friends to satisfy your sexual desires. Dealing with your sexual urges and longings in a good way is helpful for your personal development and maturity, and you will benefit significantly from it whether you are single or in a relationship.

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