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Oral sex in marriage?

Hello. I wonder if someone based on the Bible can say something about oral sex/experimenting sexually within marriage?


The Bible does not address the ways in which one should have sex. The Bible talks a lot about sex being within the framework of marriage between one man and one woman. The Bible does not say what intercourse positions and sexual activities one wants to do as a married couple. It is still important to take into account that you should not pressure each other or do something one finds uncomfortable. Both should want it, both should enjoy it and it should not be harmful or humiliating for either party. Oral sex is not dangerous, but if you have a cold sore, the genitals can become infected with the herpes virus. To avoid infection, one must therefore avoid oral sex during outbreaks of cold sores.

The Bible says a lot about what love is (1 Corinthians 13) and how spouses should love each other, and this is also important to take into account when considering how one practices their sexual life.

Kind regards, GuttogJente.no

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