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Reasons not to shave down below?

Hi! I’ve got some questions about shaving the private parts. Is it good to shave down there? I don’t have a good way to do it. I have to use a lot of soap for it to work well, but then I’ve heard that you shouldn’t use a lot of soap down there. It’s also hard to get rid of everything, as you can’t see down there and also there’s hair between the clitoris and the lips. Have you any good tips, or any reasons why not to shave down there?

Hi, and thanks for your question!

Even though we humans don’t have fur like many animals, we do have fine hair over almost all of our body. When we reach puberty, hair growth changes, and we get thicker and often darker hair under our arms and around our genitals (pubic hair). Boys get hair around their penis and scrotum and girls get hair around their vagina. Boys and girls can get hair around their bum, on their stomach and down their thighs. Just like different people have different hair on their heads, there is also a lot of variation in the hair around the genital area. There isn’t anything that’s normal or abnormal, everyone is different and that’s totally natural.

Some people choose to remove some of their body hair, some people want to remove almost all of it, and some people want to leave it as it is. This is something everyone has to decide for themselves, and only youcan decide what’s right for you. Adverts and photos we see in the media can make us think that we need to change ourselves in order to be happy, and these days a lot of people feel pushed into removing a lot of body hair because the media have created an idea that having less body hair is more attractive. However, we are created with body hair, and this hair has a function. Pubic hair makes the genital area less damp, and it can give some protection against fungal infections and other skin infections. If you want to be clean-shaven, you have to shave the area regularly and some people find that the skin becomes red and spotty. So if you want to reduce the amount of hair it is better to trim it with a small pair of scissors or an electric hair trimmer.

If you still want to shave your genital area, you have to be careful to keep the razor clean, otherwise you may get small acne-type skin infections. Another good idea is to use shaving foam or gel, this will make the razor blade glide more smoothly. If you do this, choose one that doesn’t irritate your skin. Some of these can help keep the skin moist, just like skin creams. You should also be very careful to avoid cuts and chafes on the skin. It’s totally natural to have some hair between the vaginal lips and the clitoris, and there is no need to remove this unless you absolutely want to. If you still want to shave this area, then make sure you have good light and use a small mirror so you can see what you’re doing.

Remember that it is you who decides what to do, don’t let adverts or circumstances decide what you will do with the hair on your body. If you want to let it grow, then do that, and if you want to trim it or shave it, then make sure it is your own decision.

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