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Shaving down below

I’m a girl of fifteen, and I’ve sometimes shaved between my legs, but then I’ve got red spots there. I didn’t use any special cream, or soap, just a razor blade. Is there something I can use to avoid the red spots? I need a quick answer!


It’s very normal to get itchy skin and red spots after shaving. The skin in the genital area is very sensitive, so the skin and hair follicles can easily get chafed, leading to it becoming red and spotty. Small cuts, scratches and ingrown hair (hair that grows under the skin) can also cause red, pimple-like spots.

This is why it’s important to clean and soften up the skin before shaving, use water and hygiene products specifically made for the genital area. Make sure the area is wet, take a shower or bath before you shave and use plenty of shaving foam, cream or gel, as this will make it easier to shave. The razor blade should be sharp, as a blunt blade will lead to irritated skin and more red spots. Handle the razor with care, shave in the same direction the hair grows, and don’t shave the same area many times. Make sure you rinse well afterwards, as this will remove any remaining gel or foam. It’s best to shave in the evening, so the area isn’t rubbed by your clothes straight after. You can use a mild moisturising cream afterwards, or ointment if you have cuts or scratches.

It’s totally natural to have pubic hair, but today many people choose to trim it, or shave all or part of it. Pubic hair has an important protective function for the skin, as it retains moisture, airs the skin, protects against infection and reduces friction. When you remove the hair, your clothes will rub against the skin and make it damp. This will quickly lead to skin problems. Shaving your private parts can lead to increased eczema, itchiness, ingrown hair, infection of the hair follicles, and other skin problems. You have to be extra careful with hygiene and use products that are mild. The hair that grows back is stiffer and it can feel stingy and itchy, and scratch your skin. The more time you leave between shaving, the less chance there is of getting skin problems. Trimming the hair with scissors or an electric trimmer is a good alternative to shaving, as you then avoid these problems.


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