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The only one who’s a virgin?

Hi! I’m 23 and still a virgin. I’m the only one among my girl friends who is a virgin, and it’s beginning to get to me. It’s embarrassing, I feel so different from the others, and I feel that I’m alone. As the days go by it seems more and more difficult not to follow the crowd. What can I do so I can be motivated to keep going? What should I read to get on the right path again? I feel like I’ve lost my focus and my strength, but at the same time I am a believer.

It’s sad that you are so alone with your choices and your viewpoint. I hope that our website can help and motivate you, so you can be proud of and happy about your choices. We have lots of articles about the value of waiting and saving yourself for your marriage partner, and they will give you arguments you need as you meet others, and also the motivation to persevere. If you don’t happen to have any friends who share your views, then it would be good for you to find support in other places. You mention that you are a believer, that is great as it means you can use the Bible and prayer as a source of power. In Ephesians 6:10–18 it says that we can be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. In this passage Paul also writes about the armour we should use so we can resist temptation.

You don’t say whether you and your friends go to church. We think it would be a great strength and help for you if you could find people to spend time with who have the same values as you do.

Remember, it’s only dead fish that go with the flow!
The strongest, bravest people go against the flow.

Here are some articles that might be good for you:
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Good luck, and remember that you can be proud of your choices in life!


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