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What differences are there between boy friendship and girl friendship?

What differences are there between boy friendships and girl friendships?


We don't quite know what you mean by this question, but we choose to think that you are asking about what differences it makes to be friends with someone of the same gender or someone of the opposite sex.

It's healthy and good to have both male and female friends. Friendships with someone of the same sex can have a different character compared to someone of the opposite sex. Boys often like to do things together, while girls often like to talk together. There can be more belittling among girls, while boys can be quite direct and tough on each other. Girls can be hurt more easily, while boys can tolerate more from each other.

Boys often behave differently with male friends than males with their female friends, and girls can do the same. Nevertheless, friendship has many of the same criteria for both boys and girls. One expects respect, kindness, familiarity, openness, and honesty from a friend. One also wants loyalty, care and faithfulness.

One should be aware that boys and girls may have different ways of being and communicating, which can cause misunderstandings. Girls often like to be close, hold hands, sit on their laps and hug their friends. If they do the same with their male friends, they may perceive it as flirting and become confused. Boys often find it easy to joke, fool, and directly criticize each other, but if they do the same with their female friends, they can take offense and get hurt.

When boys and girls are friends, it is easy for one party to believe or hope that the relationship will turn into more than friendship. More often than boys, girls believe that they can be close friends without feelings arising.

When boys and girls are friends, it is extra important to respect and take each other's differences into account.

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