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What should you do when a girl falls in love with a girl?

It says in the Bible that you shouldn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend of the same sex, or something like that, but what do you do if you are in love with a girl and you are also a girl?

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The Bible doesn’t say that much about being in love, but it does say a lot about marriage. Even in the first chapter of the Bible we can read about how God created people in His image (Genesis 1:27), and that He created them as man and woman. It was necessary to have both a man and a woman so that the picture of God could be complete. God has all the good characteristics of a man and a woman even though He is not a man nor a woman, In marriage the man and woman were to present a more complete picture of God than either of them could do alone. 

The Bible teaches that marriage should be the goal of a man and woman who fall in love. When the Bible was written it wasn’t normal to have a boyfriend or girlfriend without also getting engaged and then getting married. We do not recommend having a boyfriend or girlfriend unless it is so serious that you think you will marry him or her.

Most teenagers fall in love quite easily. Feelings of being in love can come and go suddenly, and when you’re in love with someone you just want to be with them. Being in love with someone does not necessarily mean that it is good for you to be with the person. And it’s not at all certain that it would be a good idea to marry the person you are in love with right now. It’s important to build on more than feelings of being in love when you choose someone to marry. As time goes on, feelings of being in love grow weaker, and then it is important that the marriage is built on more than feelings.

The following article explains more about this:

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Although most girls fall in love with boys, and most boys fall in love with girls, sometimes people do fall in love with someone of the same sex. During their teenage years some people fall in love with both guys and girls, this does not mean that they are necessarily lesbian, homosexual or bisexual for the rest of their lives.

We at boyandgirl.info believe that what the Bible says is best for us. This is because God loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to experience things that can harm us. The Bible is very clear that marriage is between a man and a woman: this is because God’s blessing is on it. Even though a lot of people today think that homosexual and lesbian relationships are just as good, the Bible is clear that God does not bless such forms of sexual partnership.

If you feel that you are falling in love with someone of the same sex, then we think the best thing to do is the same as you should do if you fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, but realise that you don’t go well together. In that case it’s best to let go of the romantic feelings and avoid being led by these strong emotions.

Some people experience that falling in love with someone of the same gender is a phase that passes, and next time they will fall in love with someone of the opposite gender. However, it is more challenging if you only fall in love with people of the same gender. Although it can be hard to accept, we believe that in the long run it is better to live alone than to enter a lesbian or homosexual relationship.

We recommend you to listen to these podcasts by Sam Allberry who has made the above choice to live alone. You can listen here: Identity in Christ. Du kan også lese boka til Espen Ottosen: "En annerledes vei".

We can’t make decisions for anyone else. You yourself have to make your own choices and stand by them. We give advice on what we believe is the best for you.

Hope it goes well!

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