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God Loves Sex

Yes, you read correctly: God loves sex, and you can too!

Now, let’s be honest: in general we Christians have a strained relationship to sex and sexuality. It seems that we want to keep the topic at arm’s length – even after we’re married. We soon start talking about what we can’t do, but not what we can do. But we can do one thing: love sex. Why?

God created sex

The first reason is that God created sex. It wasn’t that He created Adam and Eve, went for a nap and then woke up to be shocked about what they were doing. He didn’t think to Himself: ‘Does that fit in there? That’s a new idea for me.’ Not at all. God was very aware of what He’d made. Just think of the clitoris! It has no other function apart from experiencing stimulation and pleasure. So God didn’t only create sex, He wanted it to be good.

God’s first commandment to people was ‘Be fruitful and multiply.’ In other words, ‘Have sex, and have lots of it!’ God has given us our sexuality as a gift (1 Timothy 4:3), so we shouldn’t say ‘yuch’, but ‘Thanks!’

Why so serious?

So why do we Christians make such a big deal of it? Because sex is a big deal! In adverts, on TV, in fact everywhere. But remember, there’s nothing more intimate you can do with another person. As a picture of this, the Bible says that we ‘become one’ with the person we have sex with.

This is the most intimate interaction you can have with someone else, but this also means that it’s the interaction that can hurt the most. For example, if you’ve had sex with a partner and then broken up, it will make life more difficult for most people. This is because you have given something of yourself that you can’t take back.

Our Dad knows best

We believe that God wants us to wait with all types of sex until we’re married. Not because He’s a spoilsport, boring or stingy, but because He is our perfect Dad. He always wants the best for us, He has created sex and therefore knows how it will be best and safest for you.

So if you know that you can get aroused and want to have sex, congratulations! You are a normal person. We have all fantasised about or performed sex acts that we shouldn’t have done, but we don’t need to be ashamed. Jesus has taken all our guilt and our shame and He says ‘Follow Me’ even though we don’t always manage to. So don’t be ashamed of your sexuality or desires – just say ‘thanks’.

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