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God Says ‘YES!’ to Sex

Perhaps you have the impression that God is against sex. Maybe you think He is a joy killer who says ‘no’ to something in life that’s both good and exciting. But it was God who designed the penis, the vagina, the clitoris, breasts and all the amazing feelings. And it wasn’t without a reason, it was well thought out and planned. 

It started in the garden. When God saw what He had created, He was satisfied, but when He saw the people He had made, He was very satisfied (1) and the people rejoiced too – they were naked but not ashamed! Adam was delighted about the naked woman he had been given. God had a purpose with what He had created, and that was that they would find joy and enjoyment in each other. 

He made sex as a kind of binding agent between two people who would live together for the rest of their lives. When God said to Adam and Eve that they should have sex, He used a word that means the same as ‘to glue together’. ‘United to’ in Hebrew actually means ‘to be glued together with’ (2). Thus He shows us that the purpose of a sex life is to glue people together. ‘So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate’ (3). So the goal of sex is not only enjoyment, but fellowship and togetherness, and it sends a signal that says, ‘You are mine and I am yours, just the two of us.’

Sex is a life-giving gift of love from God. It’s a strong communicator of love, joy, care, nearness and value, and it also brings excitement and enjoyment to a relationship. 

God counsels us through the Bible how to get the best out of all parts of life, including sex. You can safely rely on the fact that He knows what is best for you. He designed you, He loves you and only wants the very best for you. His purpose with sex is to bless and not that you will be hurt or wounded (4). He therefore put sex in the safe context of a lifelong marriage (5).

Bible verses from the text:

1. Gen. 1:31

2. Gen. 2:24

3. Matt. 19:6

4. Prov. 6:32

5. Rom. 7:2


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