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Is it my looks that give me value?

Is it my looks that give me value?

Have you ever thought about these questions: Who am I? What makes me valuable?

In the time we live in we have a great focus on the exterior. The media is filled with celebrities with a "perfect" appearance. On social media, it is important to be seen and get feedback. Many people feel more valuable when they are told that they are beautiful. No wonder, then, that many struggle to get the "perfect" body. But will you ever be pretty enough?

Text in the article is taken from a teaching plan prepared by Damaris Skole Grs. 

There is a lot that will influence what we think about ourselves. But what is the truth about human value?

One of Norway's most famous bloggers is Sophie Elise. She also has a great focus on her looks, on body and appearance. Do you know what she did on the day she turned 18? She took silicone in one of the body parts she was unhappy with.

The Kardashian family has revolutionized the celebrity world. No one makes more money taking pictures of themselves. Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies. When the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) held its annual awards ceremony in 2018, for the first time the jury awarded an influencer award, which went to Kim Kardashian. In its reasoning, the jury pointed out that Kardashian West has more than 200 million followers in her channels, and she also runs a number of fashion and beauty brands.

It is not only young people or women who focus on appearance. Lasse Løkken Matberg also posts body-fixated images. He has many followers on Instagram.

My value - what does the Bible say?

What you see in the mirror is a human being created and wanted by God, with a unique value. We are created in God's image, as persons - as male and female, by a personal God. Man is the crowning glory; the best of all God created. Because all people are created and wanted by God, all people are equally valuable. Neither gender, age, religion, skin color and appearance – nor what achievements, friends, possessions and experiences we can point to, change our value in one direction or the other. God has given the same value to everyone.

We are valuable because we are created and loved by God. Man is the most beautiful thing there is. Of course we should take care of our bodies, but not worship them.

The Bible says that all people are created with intrinsic value - not because of something you do - but because of who you are.

Appearance and what you are good at will change over the course of your life. Age affects the body, a change that is inevitable in the long run. In addition, you may be exposed to accidents which mean that you cannot continue to live the same life as you do today. We need to support each other and confirm that we as people have value because we exist - not because of our appearance or things we are good at. Together we can encourage each other to be honest about how we really feel and help each other.

In 1 Pet 3:3-4 it says that the focus should not be on "external appearance", but the heart. This does not mean that one should not dress up, but that one should not lose focus and only become concerned with appearance.

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

What characterizes young people who are satisfied with their bodies?

Forskning.no says: 

  1. First, they are concerned with what their body can do, rather than how it looks. Most people in this group are interested in sports and participate in various activities. They are aware that exercise is healthy for the body, but most say that they primarily exercise because they think sport is fun, says Holmqvist Gattario.
  1. There is less focus on body and appearance at home with the contented young people. To the extent that they talk about such things, there are things that can be changed. For example, clothes and hairstyles. These young people had often heard from their parents that they should not care so much about their appearance, that the most important thing is how they are as people.
  1. A third thing the satisfied young people have in common is that they had a conscious and critical relationship with the media's body ideal.


It is not your appearance that gives you value, nor can you make yourself more valuable by dressing up and fixing your appearance. Your value is a gift, given by God!

God created us with a head, arms and legs! Be happy with your body and appreciate all the fun you can use your body for!

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