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Is Sex a Human Right?

Most people long to find someone to share their lives with, and then start a family with.

The Bible says that marriage is God’s idea and that God created sex as a good gift that would bind married couples together and enable them to have children. Sex was never meant to be shared with anyone else apart from the one person we marry, precisely because it causes such strong feelings and binds two people so closely together.

There are basic human rights that everyone is entitled to, such as the right to life, freedom and personal security. However, getting everything you want is not a human right, even though these things may be good. Although most people want to find someone to start a family with, no one can be forced to marry another person. And even though most people long to be sexually united with someone, it isn’t a human right to have sex.

Sex isn’t something we are entitled to, but it is something we can give to the person we marry. God has meant sex to be a valuable gift our marriage partner can give us, it isn’t something we can demand.

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