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The clitoris is part of a woman’s genitals and is very sensitive to touch. It is a fairly large organ with sections round the vaginal opening along the pelvic bone. Only the glans (head, or tip) of the clitoris is visible. The tip of the clitoris has a small foreskin much like the penis has. This is situated where the inner labia meet in front of the vagina.

The size and shape of the clitoris varies greatly from woman to woman. The clitoris fills with blood and swells up to become stiff when the woman is sexually aroused, in the same way as a man’s penis when he has an erection. During intercourse the movement of the penis causes the inner labia to move, in turn affecting the clitoris; this is what the woman finds so pleasurable. Most women need more direct stimulation of the clitoris (for example with the fingers) to have an orgasm.

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