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How can I get good female friends?

I’m a guy of 15 and I need some advice about how to make some good female friends, and how to treat them without people thinking that I’m flirting with them.

Hi boy of 15,

Everyone likes to be liked, and to have good friends, and girls really like having boys as friends. There isn’t that much difference between boys and girls when it comes to friendship, and the best way to make friends is to be nice and decent, show interest and give them attention. Boys usually make friends through doing activities like football together. You can do the same with girls. You could invite girls to play football, volleyball, play card games or other activities so you can get to know each other in a natural, relaxed way. Most girls also like guys who they can talk to seriously, and who are kind and helpful. The best thing you can do is simply to be yourself.

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So be confident, smile and say ‘hi’ to them. Girls appreciate getting attention. Try to start a conversation, you could start by asking about their hobbies and interests and then continuing to talk on those topics. It can often be hard to know where the boundary lies between being nice, and flirting. If a girl falls in love with you she will more easily interpret your natural warmth as flirting.

A good rule of thumb is to think about and treat female friends as if they were your sisters. That will lead to natural respect and good friendship without the focus being on anything sexual.

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Best wishes,

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