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How to tell about homosexual feelings

Hello! I am gay and I'm a Christian. As you know, Christians are often not on the side of us gays, so I don't dare say anything about it to my mom or dad. I'm really scared to, so I need some good tips or advice on how to go about doing it. Hope for answers :)

It is not easy to feel something when you don't dare admit it to those closest you and you normally trust. Still, it often helps to tell someone and talk to about it. When you bottle it all up inside, it can make problems become, large, unmanageable and get out of hand. So our advice is therefore to with your mom and dad about it and then hopefully it will get easier once they know what you're thinking and how you feel. If you find it difficult to say it aloud, try writing it down in advance so that you are ready when you do, and say can things the way you want to. Then ask if you can talk to them so that you all can put aside quality time where you can talk without the risk of somebody disturbing you in the middle of your conversation. Just say exactly what you think about, what your thoughts are, your feelings, and what your worries are. And together your can find a way ahead for you all. 

You don't say anything about how old you are, but in your teens the sexual feelings can still be developing in different directions. You are not necessarily locked into a particular orientation for life; Emotions and attractions can change. It would be good, therefore, for you to talk in confidence to someone you trust you can share about your feelings and let them carry them with you so you don't have to worry and struggle with them all on your own. 

Christians should have the minds of Christ and love all their fellow human beings the way God loves everyone, so Christians certainly ought not be negative towards gays. 

We would recommend you listen to the podcasts of Sam Allberry who has gay emotions too: Identity in Christ

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Best regards, BoyandGirl.info

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