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I like to watch girls having sex

I like to watch girls having sex. Does that make me a lesbian? Boys do not arouse me, and I often dream about how the girls in my class look naked.

Hi girl!

Thank you for asking that question!

You don't say anything about how old you are and how long it has been like this that you dream about seeing the girls in class naked. But quite a few young people experience such feelings during their teenage years without being gay or lesbian. So unless these feelings have been occuring for several years and you are entering adulthood without feeling any attraction to boys, it is too early to say that you are a lesbian.

When you say that you like watching girls have sex, we assume that you have been watching porn. We humans are designed in such a way that we can react with sexual feelings when we see naked bodies and sexual acts. Porn is often produced with people who have great bodies and the porn is made precisely to create sexual feelings in us.

Therefore, porn can arouse sexual feelings in us almost regardless of whether it is a man and a woman having sex with each other or whether it shows sex between two women. One of the problems with porn is that we can get sexual feelings also by looking at things that we initially don't want to do.

Porn is also designed so that those watching will have sexual fantasies. This means that we can start to fantasize about things that we have never fantasized about before if we watch porn. Girls who are not lesbians in the first place can also start to fantasize about naked girls if they watch porn with lesbian sex. Porn creates an unnaturally high desire for sex and affects our emotions in a negative way. So if you are watching porn, we would definitely advise you to stop doing this.

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Kind regards, GuttogJente.no

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