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Is it okay to have sex when you are 15?

Is it okay to have sex when you are a Christian, 15 years old and your girl/boyfriend has touched your breasts?


It is not wise to have sex when you are 15. When the minimum sexual age is set at 16, it is because professionals also believe that having sex when you are too young, can be harmful. When you are so young, you are not ready for all the consequences of sexual life, such as possible pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, but also emotional attachment and possible rejections.

Sex is very intimate and you put yourself in a vulnerable situation when you have sex with someone without being married. This website provides guidance based on what is written in the Bible, therefore we recommend, regardless of age, to wait to have sex until you get married. We believe that sex is something that belongs in marriage, and is meant to bind the two together for life.

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