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Is it wrong to snog (make out)?

Is it wrong to snog (make out) in a relationship when you are both Christians?

Hi, I’m glad that you asked about that!

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Being in a relationship with someone often means that you spend a lot of time together alone, and that you speak positively to each other and share closeness and affection. You have to be aware that snogging/making out kicks off strong feelings in your body, and these can gradually lead to sex acts and then intercourse, even if you didn’t think it would go so far. It is important that you have both talked through where to set your boundaries before you end up in this situation.

A lot of people say: ‘it just happened’. But it is a shame to go over your boundaries because you haven’t decided on them with each other. It is important that you know a bit about how your feelings react, so that you are able to stay in control even if you feel a bit aroused. The most important thing is that you set boundaries that are strict enough that you do not lose control. Try to avoid areas of the body which a bikini or underwear cover, and avoid snogging/making out so intensely that you get overwhelmed by lust.

As boyfriend/girlfriend you should affirm to each other that you’re valuable to each other, and show that you value each other by showing respect and self-control. That’s how you build security and trust in a relationship. Try to make choices now that you will be happy you made when you look back on them, remember this is both for you and for the other person.

A good way to test this is:

– It should not be embarrassing

– You shouldn’t regret it when it is finished

– You won’t need to hide anything from the person you will end up marrying

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