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Is it OK to send dirty text messages to a partner?

What do you think about erotic short stories and dirty text messages? Does it mean I am leading my partner into lust? My partner and I have decided wait to have sex until we’re married, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t attracted to each other sexually. What is acceptable in terms of writing or saying to each other, to get them aroused? It is so exciting and such a fantastic feeling! Can this damage our relationship?

Hi, thanks for your question!

It is quite natural to experience sexual feelings and desire. When you have a partner it can be difficult to keep to the boundaries, as you want to experience more of these feelings. When the purpose of you writing to each other is to get the other person sexually aroused, it will be more difficult not to go over your boundaries when you are together. The more you think about sex, the more you want to do it, and it will be more difficult to wait. When someone oversteps the boundaries they have set, it’s usually because they have been fantasizing about it beforehand.

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It’s great that you want to wait to have sex until you’re married, but if you are to keep to it, you should avoid focussing on sex and spending time getting the other sexually aroused.

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