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Safe with oral sex?

Is it safe to suck or lick when you only have one partner?

Hi, and thanks for the question.

Oral sex is at least as intimate as intercourse and can also cause the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. If neither of you has had other sexual partners, then neither of you has a sexually transmitted disease and thus cannot infect each other. If you have had sex with others in the past, you may be infected even if you have no symptoms.

Nevertheless, if you have a cold sore, the genitals can become infected with the herpes virus when you have oral sex. To avoid infection, one must therefore avoid oral sex during outbreaks of cold sores.

We at GuttogJente.no believe it is best to do as the Bible recommends, namely to wait with all types of sexual acts until you are married. Then you can save yourself both from sexually transmitted diseases and many other problems.

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Kind regards, GuttogJente.no

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