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Where should I set my boundaries?

Hi! Where should the boundaries be in a relationship? It would be nice to be served some direct boundaries. Is it okay to lie in bed and cuddle? This was not an option in biblical times. I believe that sex is part of marriage, but I'm afraid of doing other things that I might regret later. What is considered acceptable and normal by Christians?

Hi, and thank you for asking this question.

When you say, "lie in bed and cuddle", it's not easy to know what you're referring to. Is lying in bed the same as lying on the sofa with your clothes on, or do you mean lying naked or with few clothes on? You're not doing anything wrong by lying in the same bed, but it's clear that it can make it difficult for you to maintain the boundaries you've decided on. The Bible doesn't say anything about sleeping in the same bed, but sharing a bed is part of the cozy and intimate zone that belongs to marriage. If you share a bed, others easily perceive you as sleeping together, and it's not just about setting boundaries but also about the testimony you have as a Christian.1 Cor 8:1-13.

Once you've decided to wait to have sex, it's important to agree to set boundaries so that you're not tempted beyond your limits. When you're dating, there's a lot of emotion and physical attraction, and it's easy to become very close and cuddly. If you're in the same bed, it's easy to go a little further and a little further, and in the end, you may have done more than you really wanted to. Many people think they're doing fine but are surprised by their own reactions and by the fact that their sex drive is so strong that they lose control. It's better to be careful than to push the boundaries. Good luck to you.

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