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Would a Christian girl accept that I’ve had sex?

Hi. I'm a 21-year-old boy who is a Christian. I had a serious relationship a while back with a non-Christian girl, where I was tempted to have sex several times. Now, I'm single and want to wait until I find the right one who is a Christian. But I've been thinking a lot about this lately; if she shows up, how will she take it when I'm not a virgin and have some experience with having sex? Will she accept this, or will she reject me because of this?


We understand that you think a lot about this.

We can't say yes or no to whether Christian girls will accept or reject you because of your past, simply because girls are different.

You don't write much about your relationship with the fact that you have had sex in the past, but one thing to remember is that God's grace is boundless and absolutely perfect. You can NEVER fall so low that He cannot forgive you and restore you. When you ask Him for forgiveness and repent of your sin, He cleanses you completely.

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Even if you are forgiven, it does not mean that the events cannot have consequences. Such consequences could be, for example, that some girls will reject you when they learn about your past. Other girls will understand God's grace and forgiving power and accept your experiences. Even if your future wife accepts this, there may be consequences that you will have to work through together.

In this testimony, you can read about a couple who have experienced this: Marrying someone who has had sex.

Best wishes!

Kind regards BoyandGirl.info

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