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Boundaries for sex?

What are the boundaries for what we call ‘sex’?

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This is a question we quite often hear, and at the end of this answer you’ll find several more questions and articles which are similar, we hope they will be of help.

Most people think of sexual intercourse when they hear the word ‘sex’. However, sex is so much more than having intercourse with someone. Sex can be all types of activity that make a person sexually aroused, and/or include the genital organs, for example anal sex, oral sex and fingering. If we were to look at it in the broadest sense possible, we would also include kissing, fondling/petting, fantasising and sex chats. Our thoughts about sex are influenced by our surroundings, family and friends, and also by films, magazines, and from the internet.

When we talk about boundaries it’s a good idea to set stricter boundaries than are necessary, instead of setting boundaries so near to the limit as possible. The nearer the limit you go, the greater the chance that you will go over it.

We’ve also answered similar questions before. You can use the search area or category ‘boundaries’ to find out more on this topic.

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